The Division was created in response to many of our contracts where Steel was part of the construction materials, either as an added consolidating element (MEP equipment support, Hybrid structure, Restoration…) or as the Main Structure itself (Industrial Bldgs., Shades, Warehouses...).

In this case, ARD Eng. delivers Turn key projects, including the Bldg. Structure itself, the Bldg.’s Skin ( Corrugated sheets, Tensile Fabric, PU Sandwich panels…), and most of the standard Bldg. Equipment (Steel doors, Roof Vents, Overhead Cranes, Mezzanine…..)

When they are not in charge of the complete Design, Our Engineers very often propose design optimization, particularly the Connections details, the Bracing elements, the Foundations… even the Coatings issue is approached very seriously, to insure the maximum longevity to our product.

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