Shop Fabrication is a multi-disciplinary specialization, where a company is daily confronted to very different designs, requiring skills and creativity in a wide range of trades.

We, as many others, respond to the challenge, our distinction in this field being the new technologies we use, and the advantages they procure to the final product. Our CNC equipment (Cutting Table, Press Brake, Shear Machine….) allows us higher accuracy in Cutting, Forming and Bending, our Band saws permits Heat free cutting to achieve higher Steel performance, our Wet & Dry Sandblasting equipment performs the optimal preparation for Coating, and our Airless or Air assisted equipment produces the most durable Coatings for our products, excessing the Client’s expectations…..

Our policy is of continuous up-dating of our Techniques, to implement, whenever possible, any Scientific progress in any of our trades. The Client is always the first to take advantage of it.

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