This Sector is usually the flagship of any Contracting company, so much advanced know how it requires, in cutting edge technologies in all Construction trades.

. Banque Pharaon- Chiha Historic Headquarters in Nejmeh Square- Beirut Central District.

. Bustros Palace- The Metropolitan Club, in Achrafieh District, Beirut.

Recently crowned with our most daring, invasive and successful intervention so far achieved: ………….. ….

.Boutique Hotel Bloc C, Souq Waqef – Doha.

Supervised by the Private Engineering Office (P.E.O.), this Project Scope included:

.Full External Façade Propping and Preservation.

.Demolition and Replacement of the whole Internal Building.

.Complex Joining of New Structure to Existing Façade.

.Original Finishes preservation / restoration to the same.

.Non-destructive cleaning of Old Materials.

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