About us
Our Distinction: .....Care

ARD Engineering & Development w.l.l. are General Contractors whose main intervention field are Medium sized projects of all trades, (often with special requirements as) where often advanced Engineering skills, high execution Accuracy, Precise Scheduling and close follow-up are required.

During its 8 years in Qatar, ARD Engineering (masterly) achieved Non Standard Projects & Missions that most other Contractors avoided, usually because of a Projects complex Engineering, a difficult intricate Environment or a very tight Schedule.

Thanks to its highly skilled Engineers & Personnel, the Company gradually specialized in hard projects, all completed ahead of schedule, with exceptional Quality Standards.

We (developed a predilection for) began to look for difficult missions, as we excelled in Quality, while remaining the most competitive in costs.

The Company specialized in “hard projects”. We developed a predilection for difficult missions, systemically completed ahead of schedule, and - thanks to highly skilled Engineers & Personnel - at exceptional Quality Standards, while remaining the most competitive in costs.

Our Secret is no secret: A Systematic planning of each project's step, a personal attention to the tiniest detail and a Craftsman's dedication in execution...

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