About us

Initially founded in Lebanon year 1997 as a small Engineering company, ARD Engineering handled significant parts in Major Lebanese Government Infra-Structure projects, as a Sub-Contractor for MEP and Concrete works.

ARD Engineering Qatar was implemented in 2003, under the wing of SIDDIQI International Group, as a medium sized General Contracting Co., to participate in the booming building Sector in Qatar. to take part into Qatar's booming growth.

In 2005, In line with its business expansion, and in response to growing logistics, ARD Engineering & Development w.l.l. developed into a fully independent entity, in partnership with our original Sponsor.

2010 saw the creation of the Steel Structures Division, with a new facility in the Sayliyah Area, offering all the amenities to serve both Steel Bldgs. & Oil & Gas Sectors in Qatar.

In 2011, an advanced Stainless Steel / Special Welding workshop was added to Sayliyah facility, for the fabrication of custom made products in the Building Finishes and the Decoration sectors.

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